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Landscape Drainage

Basement water problems start on the outside of your home and work their way into the inside. Relocating and rerouting water away from your foundation is the first step in the path to a dry basement. Unwanted water that has entered your basement from the walls or floor of your home, originated from the exterior landscape either through the ground or overflowing into window wells, stairwells, cracks in the foundation or from improperly installed gutters and leaders. Managing the water around your home is an integral part of the overall solution to a dry healthy basement. Diverting water from gutters and leaders, improperly designed or sloped landscaped areas and garden beds can create excessive water build up or ponds of water. This water directly around your home will eventually work its way towards the foundation and into your basement.

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Pacific Basement Waterproofing will inspect both the inside and outside of your home and will design a solution that addresses not only the interior elements but also any contributing factors on the exterior of your home. Only a “Total Comprehensive Water Management Plan” will be delivered that will ensure a complete dry basement solution for the life of your home.

Exterior Landscape Drainage Components:

Surface Drainage Catch Basins:

PVC boxes with grates on the top that gutters and leaders empty into. This water is then diverted away from the home through PVC piping to either a dry well, the street or acceptable discharge area. Drainage catch basins are also used to capture excessive water in shrub beds, lawn areas and even patio areas.

Atrium Drains and Grate Drains:

PVC drainage basins are strategically placed in low level areas in the yard or flower beds that allow excessive surface water to drain out to a dry well or predetermined drainage area. These types of drains help to eliminate standing water and potential ponds of water that can contribute to basement water problems and can negatively affect plant life in shrub beds and around the exterior of your home.

Channel Drain:

Channel drains are actually PVC trough drains with open grates along the top that accept surface water that passes over them. They are used to remove sheets of water or runoff that can build up and enter your home or pond in unwanted areas. Channel Drains are placed along walkways, within patio areas, at the entrance to basements stairs, doors and even garages.

Dry Well:

A dry well can be either a custom cement or cement block enclosure or prefabbed plastic tank (Flo Well) that is placed below the surface of the ground that is used as a collection tank for excessive water. Water from catch basins and channel drains are normally directed to a dry well by underground PVC piping. The water that is collected in a dry well will eventually dissipate into the surrounding soil.


Landscape Swales and Grades:

The contour and the slope of the ground directly around your home and shrub beds is very important when designing a water management plan. Properly graded shrub beds that move water away from the foundation along with pitched landscape swales will help to eliminate excessive surface water that can add to the water table direct around the outside walls of your basement.

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