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Foundation Cracks and Repair

Noticing a basement wall crack?

Most basement water issues start with a very small crack or leak in a wall or around a pipe. Over time these small cracks develop into larger more significant pathways for water to flow through. Any crack in your basement foundation should be properly addressed prior to installing a full interior pressure relief system. Basement wall leaks or foundation cracks can be a sign of foundation problems, or they might just be the result of normal shrinkage or settling. No matter the crack, it is always prudent to have an expert perform a thorough crack inspection to determine the cause of the crack.

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Properly repairing a foundation wall crack can:

1. Help prevent leaks and seepage
2. Protect against flooding
3. Prevent more serious foundation problems
4. Prevent insects and soil gasses from entering
5. Help reduce humidity and moisture levels

Our highly successful and proven repair treatments have been used for years with great success and it is highly recommended to treat any leaking crack or seam as another step in the overall solution to a healthy dry home. Major structural problems can lead to many issues within the rest of your home. Our patented treatment called “CrackShield” is a foundation wall crack repair system that is the most effective way to repair wall cracks in the industry. Protect your foundation today.

Call Pacific Basement Waterproofing today for a FREE in home basement foundation inspection and learn about the most progressive treatments for basement cracks and basement leaks. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a proven waterproofing treatment plan that will protect both your home and your family!

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