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Crawl Space Waterproofing

Your crawl space is more than just a retreat for spiders and dust.

Just because your home doesn’t have a full basement do not feel that water is not an issue. Your home may have a crawl space under it that is also subject to water and air quality issues. Dampness, humidity and/or excessive moisture in the crawl space of your home is not healthy for your family. Left untreated, structural degradation and poor air quality will increase. Pacific has a simple solution to eliminate these issues and restore your crawl space to a damp free area just below your floor.

Because of their tight and limited space, crawl spaces can often cause more complications in a home than a standard basement.

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In many cases, crawl spaces have exposed dirt floors and porous walls, providing little barrier for the entry of harmful moisture, humidity , mold and Radon.

Crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation is the only way to prevent your crawlspace from negatively affecting the health of your home, not to mention the quality of the air your family breathes. Waterproofing and encapsulating your crawl space allows you to prevent water and moisture from reaching critical support beams and floorboards, and limits the transfer of excess humidity from the crawl space to the rest of the home.

Encapsulation can also support energy conservation by providing safe installation of insulation; by limiting it’s contact with moisture, and by controlling the passage of air through the foundation walls.
Don’t ignore your crawl space any longer; take back your storage space! Give yourself somewhere to store those holiday decorations and old children’s toys! Protect your family’s health today, and give us a call!

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