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Basement Waterproofing

Todays preferred method of waterproofing throughout the industry is actually a water management solution - performed by the installation of an interior “pressure relief system”. Originally invented in 1859 by Mr. Henry French, the original “French Drain” ( the modern day pressure relief system) was used for the drainage of flood water away from precious farm land.

Simply put – a properly designed and installed pressure relief system is a series of specially engineered channels that are placed in gravel packed trenches below the basement floor and next to the footing (not on top of the footing- like some other cheaper imitators do).

Placing the channels next to the footer requires more work and material but is much more effective because it will also eliminate ground water from rising up and coming through any cracks in the floor. Channels placed “on the footer will only captured water pressing in from the sides. Cheaper installations of this type have a very high rate of failure.

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Water is diverted from the basements walls, floors and surrounding water table to the channels that are designed to move the water to a sump area (a specifically engineered tank and sump pump system) that is installed in a predetermined area in the basement floor. Once a certain amount of water is collected in the sump tank, the pump turns on and transfers the water either into a sewer line or directly out of the house and away from the foundation (depending on local laws).

waterproofing scheme

This type of system is far superior to the older exterior waterproofing methods. Exterior waterproofing requires the excavation of the entire area around your home and is extremely costly and eventually will breakdown as did your original exterior waterproofing system. It has a limited warranty and does NOT ensure that water will not enter your basement from under the floor and push up into the basement. Only a true Certified Grate Drain Pressure Relief System will completely ensure your basement to be water free for the life of your home.

Don’t gamble with the structure of your home, the quality of the air you and your family breath or the reduced value in your home’s equity due to a damp, wet basement that can never be finished or is currently infested will mold and mildew.

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