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Foundation Cracks and Repair Products

Exposed and visible cracks in your basement walls maybe be access points for water, insects or dirt to enter into your basement or crawl space.. Filling these cracks and sealing up the open area is a recommend process prior to encapsulating the walls with a vapor barrier.

This process will help to mitigate the intrusion of ground water from entering your home and increasing the effectiveness of your pressure relief system. Two of the most common methods are displayed below:

 Crack shield

Crack Shield

Crack Shield

Seals & Strengthens

CrackShield is a double layer of repair for your foundation basement wall crack. It combines the traditional method of crack injection with the advanced structural technology of carbon fiber.

CrackShield seals a crack from water seepage and strengthens foundation reducing a repair failure. CrackShield is the only crack repair system that offers total protection.

 Crkack Shield 2

Cracks in the foundation are common. They often happen after movement in the soil, shifting of the weight of the home. Cracks can increase the amount of soil gas, moisture, humidity and bugs in the basement or crawl space. Foundation Cracks can be a sign of structural issues.

CrackShield can be painted.

Crack Shield
 Flex shield

Flex Shield

Flex Shield

Foundation Crack Repair System

Flex ShieldTM stops leaky wall cracks! FlexShield is designed to flex with the foundation creating a reliable & healthy wall crack repair.

Leaky Wall Cracks

Your foundation (concrete) can shrink over time due to a natural curing process or expand and contract from seasonal changes, often resulting in wall cracks. Stress cracks occur when a house settles or the ground beneath it shifts. These types of cracks create an entry point for groundwater, insects and radon gas.

Flex Shield diagram
 Flex Shield additional

Repairing a foundation wall crack will not only protect you against seepage and water leaks, but will also improve the health of your home. According to the EPA, over 40% of the air you breathe upstairs comes from your basement or crawlspace.

Flex Shield